To choose a diet well

When one hears the word “diet”, a certain number of barbarian names come us in the mind: Fricker, Dukan, Atkins, Scarsdale, Kousmine, Okinawa and that's not all.
To go on a diet, it’s well… but to watch what you eat is better!


Whereas is necessary it to make? To feel badly in does its clothing, in its body, have to be a fate?
First of all, will know that a certain number of products, badly known and much more beneficial for health, can replace products of the life everyday.
For example, you can replace traditional sugar by extract of Stevia or syrup of Sisal plant (ideas receipts here). Butter by margarine. The crème fraîche by food cream containing German wheat or oats.
By replacing gradually food with high IG* step of others with lower IG, you will gradually nibble the number of calories introduced with each meal, as well as the glucid and lipid levels whose our modern food often makes us burst the ceilings.
Because if you want to avoid the spiral of the diets, forget-not only to healthily eat, it is before a a whole history of good practices. Here some basic councils:
Avoid eating meat the every day. For that, it is enough to replace animal proteins by plant proteins like the seitan (or grazes of wheat) or the tofu. To crunch almonds or hazel nuts gives also proteins, but attention with the calories!
For all that is saturated greases, try to have an occasional consumption of it. If you like fried pastry makings, food (chips, chips, etc) and the delicatessen, to consume some less often will allow you to better appreciate them.
To eat calmly and chew well so that your stomach is time to arrive at satiety and as well as possible to assimilate what you eat… to avoid the pangs of hunger and to crack on sugar refineries! And if you are ready to succumb, an apple or a natural yoghourt will be your best ally.
We will amount on the subject of diets in a future file… following.

* : IG or Glycémique Index. Term which currently replaces the concepts of slow sugar and fast sugar.


By Marilys Baré-Vallet

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