Love can also be organic

Love can also be organic

Amours bio is a French dating site on Internet for lovers of nature and organic products. Bio à la Une decided to introduce you to this interesting site on this special day that is Valentine's Day.


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Today February 14th is not a day like any other, the world celebrates Valentine's Day or love. There are all kinds of people who celebrate Valentine's Day, there are pros, antis and more or less indifferent. But whatever our idea of this celebration, trade for some however perfect opportunity to get into poetry for others, it leaves no one indifferent. There are nearly 15 million singles in France according to Le Figaro, that figure has doubled in 40 years and with the digital age in which we live, the number of interactive dating sites are multiple and diversified. Organic love, or, is a dating site that links organic buffs looking for a soulmate. To be on amours-bio, you have to start like everyone else by creating your account and completing your profile, where you first enter your general information (age, gender, status, size, etc.) but also your leisure dietary habits and wellness. Yes! Amours-bio is primarily for organic lovers, for people who have similarities in their lifestyles. This site is serious, compared to many other sites whose purpose is rather based on short-term relationship.

This is a great idea, because the lifestyle of people living is 100% organic may sometimes be particularly difficult to reconcile with certain other persons. This is a web-site that can really buzz, and already works very well indeed, as it originally targets specific people. Its commitment as a dating site tailor-made gives its credibility. On the site, registration is free, but no action is possible if you do not take a paid subscription. You receive a notification when you get a message, however, you cannot open it with a basic account. In a certain point of view this is a very good thing, because it targets people even more. Paid subscription is once again a sort of motivations.

A little, passionately, madly.

You meet all types of people with an attachment more or less pronounced for organic and natural life, ranging from eco-citizens to fanatical love of the wild. Some people do not hide any of their fusion with nature, it says "I like to discuss and hug trees, meet people sensitive to environmental concerned that will not laugh when I talk to use cars the less possible. "

More than twenty thousand organic lovers are on this site. You can discover adribio or guryushika who pose both in the mountains, looking for the perfect natural love and wanting to share their love of slow-life, harmony with nature and an intimate encounter.

Although the concept is good as it connects people who would perhaps not have the chance to meet in real life, many users now are quite introverted, perhaps too in love with nature. It is also thought to all nature lovers who rejects the numerical tool and which are, unfortunately, not present on amours-bio.

But beware, no worry, no need to be necessarily anti-globalization, to practice reflexology and live as a farmer in campaign in order to enroll and meet people. Most people on the site are fairly moderate people in their lifestyle. Organic is not to madness or not at all, it may well be a little or passionately.

Anything is possible with amours-bio. Find true love, he will however have to arm himself with patience. The average user of the site is between 40 and 50 years old, he may be less responsive to email than a young guy, constantly connected to facebook, twitter and youtube.


Love on internet: a rising trend

If we go back a little in the history of the web and dating sites, the first was born 10 years ago. Taboo during their launches, dating sites are democratizing today in France and French people now speak without trouble and ensure this type of encounter that is becoming more consistent in 2012. For some it is even a reflex.

24% of French people are already on dating sites and 40% would be willing to do if they became single. More than half of French people think that dating sites are real places of exchange like any other. However, many have not yet developed in these meetings, having a hard time to introduce someone met on internet around them.

Generally, men are slightly more present, concerning remain and regarding the registration and start-up research on this kind of site. The largest is the possibility of being cheated by answering to fake ads.

It should be remembered that the Internet is a revolutionary way of communication which offer you new opportunities and let you discover things you wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. This is why the French are increasingly captivated by this new way of meeting people. It is also a tool that really helps people isolated or shy to make contacts.

Discussion around meetings on the net is always changing in France, mixed with the organic world gives a positive result. If you are an organic fan and you cannot imagine living without someone who fully shares your beliefs, this web site is definitively for you. It is as well, if you have certain habits of daily recycling and if you defend certain environmental ideologies and lately if the word "organic" is present in each of your sentences. Between fanatics of natural life and eco-friendly people, it will be your task to sort out to meet people and find your organic love.

If you are curious and interested, do not be shy to visit and register on the site here:


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By Mathieu Doutreligne

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