The federal association of the business enterprises and industrial German for the dietetic drugs, products, the food complements and the body care, declared association, is an association created into 1951 of companies of manufacture and marketing, whose seat is in Mannheim.
The BDIH is organized in European association as manufacturer of medical products (EHPM) like member of association for the regulation manufacture marketing of food products and the customers of food products (BLL).
The BDIH advises its members for all the legal questions about the manufacture and the marketing of cosmetic products, food (in particular food complements, dietetic products), the products medical and the drugs on sale free.
At the present time, more than 440 companies members belong to the BDIH. The essential professional equipment consists of specialized milieux and work groups created by the BDIH, which also deals with the problems and tasks of topicality in collaboration with other services. Here are some:

What is important for us

Protection of nature
At the time of the exploitation of the raw materials used, one takes care that nature is disturbed and little so that it is preserved in its lifestyle, while particularly taking into account the protection of the animals and the species. One refuses the interventions by genetic engineering on the level of the genetic inheritance of the animals and the plants.

Careful transformation
The transformation of the raw materials into cosmetic preparations must be done with precaution and undergo few chemical processes. Packing must be sparing and respectful of the environment.

Compatibility of the products
In consequence of an increasing pollution, more and more of people make allergies to certain components in particular to the synthetic dyes and conservatives. The controlled natural cosmetics give up these substances. And they employ only substances with the low allergenic potential.

Controlled Natural cosmetics

That which uses controlled natural cosmetics plays the chart of safety. Because the enumerated components are clearly defined in a directive. The respect of the directive is guaranteed by continuous assessments of the products and is justified in a simple and evocative way by the granting of an inspection mark.

In collaboration with manufacturers of natural cosmetics which make authority, federal association BDIH developed a directive for the controlled natural cosmetics. On the basis of this directive, the products of the field of the natural cosmetics are controlled on the level of their components by independent institutes of control. Only the products which answer the strict criteria of the directives are authorized to carry the reserved inspection mark BDIH to the “controlled natural cosmetics”.

Since the official introduction of the mark to spring 2001, more than 2000 products were controlled up to now. A regular control of the products guarantees the fact that the consumer also always receives it with what it expects, quite naturally.

The 50 manufacturers of natural cosmetics controlled of the moment are extremely demanding with natural substances and a careful transformation. The cautious reports with the active substances and of care vegetable and the catch in consideration of the most recent scientific knowledge represent natural cosmetics innovating, looking after, and particularly soft for the skin.

The products presenting the inspection mark BDIH use for example like natural substances of oils, greases and vegetable waxes of great quality, the grass extracts, water of flowers or oils and flavors essential as much as possible of controlled biological culture or controlled wild gathering.

Moreover, one is conscious of giving up the synthetic organic dyes, of the synthetic aromatic substances, the éthoxylées raw materials, silicone, paraffin as well as other derivative products of oil. Take care consequently of always checking the inspection mark BDIH when you buy cosmetics. This announces you a controlled natural cosmetic product.


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